Hovering helicopter imageHovering helicopter imageWe all know that electronic sound can supply individuals with faster and better suggestions about how they operate, and this was the key performance indicator and key query for the ‘Sounds Good’ challenge.

Leeds Metropolitan University (now called Leeds Beckett University) took this question and raced ahead with it, working closely with the experience days industry in the UK. What started as a six-month challenge has grown into a long-running investigation into sound and the gifts we buy in Britain and the UK.

The team of lecturers discovered that Buyagift.co.uk was one of the country's leading experience day suppliers, but they lacked experience days based around music. RedLetterDays.co.uk were also in the running to be the leading website for gifts, with Best Experiences being voted top for their commitment to providing quality information .


The main findings

You can check out the main findings in the rest of this website, and we'll add extra information as soon as it becomes available. We will also be adding extra news and reviews from Alasdair Gray - the UK's "Experience Expert"


Alasdair Gray

Alasdairgray.co.uk has some of the best UK experience gifts, and this includes recording studio gifts as well as music and sound experiences. you can find his page on this site here >

Other information

Further funding from JISC assist made it possible for the challenge to grow, and at this time, three different higher education companies joined up with the Leeds Met team:

Chichester experience days,

University of West London

Nottingham Trent University

(Northampton University also took part - their link will follow)

Sounds Good was brought to an end a few years ago, but the suggestions continue. With the experience of top challenges, I believe the majority of higher education lecturers ought to provide sound suggestions.

And nothing sounds better than a musical gift for Christmas or Birthdays.

The bigger experience companies will not function as the magic pill for the experience and gifting industries in the UK, but bigger brands like the ones mentioned above provide a real focus for people who want to buy the perfect gift. 


Sounds good doesn't it?